Urology Stone Retrieval Baskets

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  1. SS Stone Retrieval Basket

    Stainless Steel Stone Retrieval Basket Used for manipulation and removal of ureteral stones from the baldder and uretter.Helical basket design effectively captures the stones and facilitates the retention of stone in the basket.
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  2. Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket

    Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket is intended to be used in an endoscopic procedure for removal of urinary stones or foreign objects from the ureter or the kidney.
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  3. Forceps Basket

    Forceps Basket is designed to offer advantages of both a stone grasper & a stone basket.
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  4. PCNL Basket

    PCNL Basket are used for kidney stone removal.(PCN cases) The design is to provide atrumatic stone extraction in PCNL cases.
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  5. Spider Basket

    Spider Basket provides a unique net type geometry to capture and extract intact stones and prevent migration.
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  6. Stone Cone Basket

    Stone Cone used to prevent stone migration to the kidney during lithotripsy.
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