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Ophthalmic Division

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  1. Fluorescein Sodium Ophthalmic Strips

    Fluorescein Sodium Ophthalmic Strips is used to stain the anterior segment of the eye when fitting contact lenses.
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  2. Indirect Ophthalmoscope

    Indirect ophthalmoscope is an optical instrument worn on the examiner’s head, and sometimes attached to spectacles, that is used to inspect the fundus or back of the eye. It produces an stereoscopic image with between 2x and 5x magnification.
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  3. Ophthalmic Ot Table

    The Ophthalmic Table is specially designed for ophthalmic surgery. For ease-of-use, the three sectional operating surgical table has a drainage system in the head section. Equipped with a sturdy base, the operating table is made up of stainless steel which protects it against bacteria-collection and makes it easy to clean. Hydraulic and Electric functioning options available.
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  4. Ophthalmo Scope

    Ophthalmoscope is used to detect and evaluate symptoms of retinal detachment or eye diseases such as glaucoma. It’s have a Concentrated bright light for perfect illumination, a brilliant image and accurate colour rendering.
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  5. Ophthalmic Microscope

    Ophthalmic microscopes are the most important tool in the current era where we are perusing all the surgeries for better visual acuity and lesser postoperative astigmatism requiring more finer visualization of the microscopic structures.
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  6. Ophthalmic Bipolar Coagulator

    It is a low power Electro Surgical Unit and is used to arrest bleeding from the blood vessels during ophthalmic surgery. This is specially designed to ensure smooth coagulation and controlled performance.
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  7. Pachy Meter

    A pachymeter is a medical device used to measure the thickness of the eye’s cornea. It is used to perform corneal pachymeter prior to refractive surgery, for Keratoconus screening, LRI surgery and is useful in screening for patients suspected of developing glaucoma among other uses.
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  8. Gonio Scope

    Advin Health Care Manufacture Of Gonioscope.
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  9. Trial Frame

    The advantage of using a trial frame when doing a refraction is that a trial frame and loose lenses are easier and more natural than a phoropter for patients that are difficult to refract, have high refractive errors, as well as for those who are visually impaired.
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  10. Binocular Loupe

    Binocular Loupes are a simple optical devices used for viewing details of objects with some magnification. In contrast to a magnifying glass, a loupe is used in a close distance from the eye, is typically smaller and has a shorter focal length.
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  11. Intraocular Lens

    The Use of Intraocular Lenses a flexible IOL enables the lens to be rolled for insertion into the capsule through a very small incision, thus avoiding the need for stitches.
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  12. Capsular Tension Ring

    Capsular tension ring (CTR), well known to ophthalmic surgeons, are C-shaped devices used to stabilize the capsular bag of the crystalline lens during cataract surgery in eyes with zonular weakness.
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  13. Ophthalmic Spears

    Ophthalmic Spears shaped sponges are widely used in ophthalmic surgeries for absorbing excess fluid. Hygienically produced and packed, these sponges are quite popular.
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  14. Lacrimal Intubation Set

    The set uses the same silicone tube and 6-0 silk suture as a normal Crawford Intubation System. The two probes have been modified to facilitate placement in the upper lacrimal system.
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  15. Disposable Cataract Surgery Kit

    Disposable Cataract Kit comprises of Eye drapes, Eye shields, Ophthalmic Spears, Ophthalmic Blades, Eye Pads, Ophthalmic Drapes, Wire speculums. Kits are popular with NGOs and Hospitals performing outreach programs.
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  16. Surgical Eye Pad

    It is often worn by people to cover a lost or injured eye, but it also has a therapeutic use in children for the treatment of amblyopia. Eye patches used to block light while sleeping are referred to as a sleep mask.
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  17. Eye Shield

    Eye shields used to protect the lens and cornea during electron treatments of the eyelid: Commercially available devices specifically designed for high energy electrons should be used.
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  18. Iris Retractors

    Iris Retractors (Iris Hooks) are Used to gently stretch and stabilize the iris for increased visibility during surgery. By helping to maintain a safe pupillary diameter, iris refractors are, in many cases, invaluable devices for cataract surgery.
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  19. Artificial Eyes

    Artificial Eyes is non-functioning cosmetic replacement for a lost eye & functioning implant designed to restore sight.
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  20. Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Device

    Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Device are used to help make cataract surgical procedures more successful. During phaco surgery, these solutions are used to both create and maintain space in the anterior chamber of the eye.
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  21. Ophthalmic Rose Bengal Strips

    Ophthalmic Rose Bengal strips are used to stain devitalized or degenerated epithelial cells as well as mucous filaments.
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  22. Lissamine Green Strips

    Lissamine Green strips are ideally used for diagnosis of dry eye syndrome and indication of deficient or damaged corneal cells
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