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  1. Electrically Operated Dental Chair

    Advin health care Provides Dental Chair With International quality Standards. A dental unit is the necessary work tool of every dental professional. This dental unit consists of specific parts that include the dental chair, stool, lighting, hydric box, aspiration, cuspidor and other elements that we will explain below.
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  2. Dental X-Ray Machine

    Advin Dental X-Ray Machine with international Quality standard.
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  3. Ultrasonic Dental Scaler

    Advin Ultrasound Scaler Machine with international Quality standard. Ultrasonic scalers use ultrasound to remove calculus deposits from your teeth more effectively. They work mechanically using high vibrational energy that effectively blasts calculus, so it is easier to remove.
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  4. Dental Light Cure Unit

    Advin Dental Light Cure Unit with international Quality standard. A Dental Light Cure Unit is a piece of dental equipment that is used for polymerization of light cure resin based composites. It can be used on several different dental materials that are curable by light. The light used falls under the visible blue light spectrum.
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  5. Air Rotor Handpiece

    Advin Air Rotor Handpiece with international Quality standard. It is used for operative procedures such as the removal of dental caries or for polishing enamel or restorative materials.
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  6. Contra Handpiece

    Advin Contra Angle Handpieces with international Quality standard. A Contra Angle handpiece is a hand-held, mechanical instrument used to perform a variety of common dental procedures, including removing decay, polishing fillings, performing cosmetic dentistry, and altering prostheses.
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  7. Straight Handpiece

    Advin Straight Handpieces with international Quality standard. The handpiece Anthony aims to support the daily acts: denture retouching, working on the dentine, cutting of tooth or parts of the tooth, denture cutting. 1:1 speed ratio. Balls bearings for increased durability. For use with long or short burs.
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  8. Dental Micro Motor

    Advin Health Care Offers Dental Micro Motor with International quality standards. Designed to meet the high precision, reliability and power/speed required for driving mostly Diamond Burs/fraises. Transplant/Biopsy Punches, Drills with standard 2.35 mm diameter and other small instrument where high speed rotation is required. Thus it is extremely useful in dermatology, plastic surgery, ENT, Orthopedic surgery, Dental Work, etc.
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  9. Dental Impression Tray

    Advin Health Care Offers Dental Impression Tray with International quality standards. Usually made from plastic dental impression trays hold the impression material while the impression is being created intraorally, and then provide a firm backing to make sure the impression is free of distortions as it finishes setting.
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  10. Dental Rvg

    Advin Health Care Offers Dental RVG Sensor with International quality standards. The Radio Visio Graph (RVG) imaging commonly used in dentistry to take intraoral Periapical radiographs features the latest innovations in digital radiography, delivering the highest image resolution (> 20 LP/mm).
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  11. Dental Doctor Stool

    Advin health care provides Surgeon Stool with international quality standards.
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  12. Portable Dental Trolley

    Advin health care provides Portable Dental Trolley with international quality standards. It is used in dental clinic for storing all types of dental material and instrument. Made of stainless steel material.
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  13. Glass Bead Sterilizer

    Advin health care provides Glass Steam Sterilizer with international quality standards. For use in Biotechnology/Tissue Culture research and production. These are compact stainless Steel units, and can be placed on Laminar Air Flow Benches. Glass Bead Sterilizers are a quick, Easy and Accurate alternative to traditional methods of sterilization. It destruct all micro organism within seconds.
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  14. Dental Autoclave

    Advin autoclave is a pressure chamber used to carry out industrial and scientific processes requiring elevated temperature and pressure different from ambient air pressure. The Electrical Autoclave Used by laboratories and hospitals to sterilize equipment.
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  15. Intraoral Camera

    Advin health care provides Intraoral Camera with international quality standards. An intraoral camera is a tool that dentists use to look at various parts of your mouth more closely. The intraoral camera is a lightweight, stylish tool which can be used in order to take quality color pictures of your teeth and gums and other parts of your mouth if necessary.
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  16. Dental Amalgamator

    Advin health care provides Dental Amalgamator with international quality standards. A dental amalgamator is used in the field of dentistry for the blending of restorative materials such as silver amalgam capsules and glass ionomer. A modern amalgamator is a computerized mixing system that works under the control of a microprocessor. This ensures a precise, controlled, and consistent mix.
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  17. Apex Locator

    Advin health care provides Apex Locator with international quality standards. Apex locators can be used to determine if the perforation communicates with the periodontal membrane, This is based on Sunada’s2 findings that the electrical resistance between the mucous membrane and the periodontium can be considered to have a constant relationship.
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  18. Bite Block

    Advin health care provides Mouth Prop with international quality standards. Mouth props are routinely used in dentistry to improve the quality of dental care and the comfort and safety of the patient.
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